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v. sub·scribed, sub·scrib·ing, sub·scribes
v. tr.
1. To pledge or contribute (a sum of money).
a. To sign (one's name) at the end of a document, especially to attest to or authenticate it.
b. To sign one's name to (a document) in attestation, testimony, or consent: subscribe a will.
3. To purchase or claim the shares of (a new issue of stock, bonds, or other securities): a bond offering that is fully subscribed.
v. intr.
a. To contract to receive and pay for a certain number of issues of a publication, for access to a website that is protected by a paywall, for tickets to a series of events or performances, or for a utility service, for example.
b. To agree to an ongoing arrangement by which one receives online content, as from a specific website or a specific user on a website.
2. To promise to pay or contribute money: subscribe to a charity.
3. To purchase or claim shares of a new issue of stock, bonds, or other securities: an investor who subscribed for 100 shares.
4. To feel or express hearty approval: I subscribe to your opinion. See Synonyms at assent.
5. To sign one's name to a document.

[Middle English subscriben, to sign, from Latin subscrībere : sub-, sub- + scrībere, to write; see skrībh- in Indo-European roots.]

sub·scrib′er n.
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Noun 1. subscriber - someone who expresses strong approval
admirer, booster, protagonist, supporter, champion, friend - a person who backs a politician or a team etc.; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library"
2. subscriber - someone who contracts to receive and pay for a service or a certain number of issues of a publication
customer, client - someone who pays for goods or services
3. subscriber - someone who contributes (or promises to contribute) a sum of money
bestower, conferrer, donor, giver, presenter - person who makes a gift of property
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noun reader, customer, regular reader I have been a subscriber to Railway Magazine for many years.
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مُشْتَرِك في جَريدَه ، مُتَبَرِّع
předplatitel přispěvatel
Abonnent Spender Subskribent Subskribentin
adakozó elõfizetõ


[səbˈskraɪbəʳ] N
1. ( to magazine, newspaper) → su(b)scriptor(a) Xii White Stitched Samaje Jersey 32 New College Perine m/f, abonado/a m/f; ( to pay TV, telephone, concert series) → abonado/a m/f; ( to e-mail) → su(b)scriptor(a) m/f; ( to charity) → donante mf; ( to campaign) → partidario/a m/f, seguidor(a) m/f
2. ( St Ex) → su(b)scriptor(a) m/f
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[səbˈskraɪbər] n
(to magazine, newspaper)abonné(e) m/f
(to service)abonné(e) m/f
(to charity, organization)donateur/trice m/f
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n (to paper) → Abonnent(in) m(f); (to fund) → Spender(in) m(f), → Zeichner(in) m(f) (form); (Telec) → Teilnehmer(in) m(f); (to opinion) → Befürworter(in) m(f); (of shares)Zeichner(in) m(f); subscriber trunk dialling (Brit) → der Selbstwählferndienst
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[səbˈskraɪbəʳ] n ( to magazine, telephone) subscriber (to)abbonato/a (a)
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( səbˈskraib) verb
1. to give money, with other people, to a charity or other cause. He subscribes to a lot of charities; We each subscribed $1 towards the present. hacer donaciones, contribuir con dinero
2. ( Xii White Stitched Samaje Jersey 32 New College Perine with to) to promise to receive and pay for a series of issues of (a magazine etc). I've been subscribing to that magazine for four years. suscribirse, abonarse
subˈscriber noun
a person who subscribes to a charity or a magazine etc. persona que dona dinero; suscriptor, abonado
subscription ( səbˈskripʃən) noun
1. the act of subscribing. suscripción
2. a sum of money that is subscribed eg for receiving a magazine, for a membership of a club etc. abono, cuota Eason Jacob Bulldogs Red Player Jersey College 10 Stitched Fashion
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She was a subscriber for all the "Health" periodicals and phrenological frauds; and the solemn ignorance they were inflated with was breath to her nostrils.
She held that, in such stirring and tremendous times as those in which they lived, it would be much more to the purpose if Dolly became a regular subscriber to the Thunderer, where she would have an opportunity of reading Lord George Gordon's speeches word for word, which would be a greater comfort and solace to her, than a hundred and fifty Blue Beards ever could impart.
My pen is the pen of a member of the rector's congregation, and a subscriber to the "Wednesday Lectures on Justification by Faith"--how can you expect me to employ it in writing bad language?
AN Editor who was always vaunting the purity, enterprise, and fearlessness of his paper was pained to observe that he got no subscribers.
Well, what the subscribers wanted to know was, why had Debienne and Poligny applied to Daae, when Carlotta was taken ill?
The local papers had taken it up, and daily there appeared columns of learned criticisms, facetious editorials, and serious letters from subscribers.
Louis, one of the few cities that charged a sufficient price, nine- tenths of the merchants refused to become subscribers.
It devised a plan of reaching its subscribers through the express companies, but they declined to handle it.
Twelve hundred subscribers, their little printing jobs, advertisers who bought liberal portions of space at ten cents an inch--all had enabled him to give his children a living that was a shade better than an existence.
Subscribers were informed that it had been decided to extend the shelter and the training of the institution (thus far devoted to fallen women alone) so as to include destitute and helpless children found wandering in the streets.
As Margaret and Helen sat down, the city behind them seemed to be a vast theatre, an opera-house in which some endless trilogy was performing, and they themselves a pair of satisfied subscribers, who did not mind losing a little of the second act.
The successful Yellow candidate for the borough of Old Topping, perhaps, feels no pursuant meditative hatred toward the Blue editor who consoles his subscribers with vituperative rhetoric against Yellow men who sell their country, and are the demons of private life; but he might not be sorry, if law and opportunity favored, to kick that Blue editor to a deeper shade of his favorite color.

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