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Do you have an email list with another provider? Moving them to AWeber is simple. You can import a list of subscribers via the "Add Subscribers" page of your AWeber account.

When importing your list from another provider, please be mindful that not every provider organizes list data in the same manner. It is crucial to make sure that:

Similarly, if you are merging lists within your AWeber account via imports, please make sure you omit unsubscribes by selecting the "Currently Subscribed" filter prior to exporting the CSV file of your subscribers.

For more on preparing your list for the import process, take a look at: What Should I Consider When I Import Subscribers?

Not sure if you can use your list? Please take a look at: Can I Use This List?Boulware Fashion Tigers Purple Player College 10 Jersey Stitched Ben

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Basketball Jersey Draymond Stitched College Green 23 Authentic

Basketball Jersey Draymond Stitched College Green 23 Authentic

Step by Step Instructions

  1. First, hover over the Subscribers tab and click on Add Subscribers.
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  2. On the Add Subscribers page you will want to click the "Import Subscribers" button under "Import More Than 10 Subscribers."

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  3. Next, you will be given the option to select the list you will import these subscribers into.

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  4. On this page, you will also be given the option to import your subscribers in two different ways. The way that you choose will depend on if you have the subscribers saved in a valid file format. If your subscribers are saved in any of the following file formats you will be able to upload that file directly:

    • XLS
    • XLSX
    • TSV
    • CSV
    • TXT

    If your subscribers are stored in any of the above file types you can upload the file by either dragging the file into the "Import Subscribers From A File" area or by clicking the "Click to Browse" button. If your subscribers are not stored in any of those file types, please proceed to step 5.

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    Once you have uploaded your file, skip step 5 below and proceed to step 6 for further instruction.

  5. If your subscribers are not stored in any of the above file types you will want to select "Click to Input".

    Here you can either copy and paste your subscriber information into the input area or you can type it in manually. Our system will recognize your subscribers being entered as long as their information is separated by a TAB, semicolon, or comma. In this example I have typed the subscribers in manually and separated their names, email addresses, and custom color fields with commas:

    After you are done inputting all of your subscribers and their information click the "Next" button.

  6. On the next step, you will see the information for the first subscriber that was entered. Next to their information you will see several drop down menus. From these drop down menus, select the field that their information should be matched with.

    Note: If you are including an Ad Tracking value in your import, it must not exceed 20 characters in length.

    If you do not see a field to match the subscribers information to, then from that drop down menu you will want to select "Create New."

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    You will then see a prompt that will ask you to give a name to the new custom field that you are creating to match that subscriber information to. So in our example we are naming the field "Color" because it will be used to keep a subscriber's favorite color:

    Note: Due to how information is stored in our database you can only add one field with the word "Name" in it.

    If you would like the subscribers to have the ability to update that information on their end then you will want to check off the "Subscriber Update" checkbox underneath where you typed in the name for the field.

    After you are finished entering the name for the custom field click the "Create" button. Once you are done matching up all of your subscribers information click the "Next" button.

  7. On the next page you will need to provide some information on how you had gathered those subscribers. As you select the appropriate option, you will be prompted to provide more information about the option you chose. In this example we selected that our subscribers came from a signup form on our site:

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    Note: The more detail you can provide in your explanation, the better! If you are moving an established list from another service and you used multiple methods to build your list, please use the "Other" option and provide as much information as possible about these collection methods. 

    It might be worthwhile to include information about how long you have collected these subscribers, how often you have sent to them, any events where these subscribers joined your list, any advertisements used to drive your subscriber acquisition, and details about verbal agreements to subscribe to your list.

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    Once you have completed this step click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page.
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  8. On the next page you will be given the option to have your subscribers start on your follow up sequence. You need to select the message you want your subscribers to receive, or to not send your subscribers any follow up messages at all. Simply select the radio button for whichever option you would like to go with, then click the "Next" button.

  9. You'll be asked "Do you want your subscribers to opt in again?" by sending the subscribers a copy of your confirmation message. Basketball Jersey Draymond Stitched College Green 23 Authentic By default, imported subscribers will not be sent a confirmation message and the "No" option will be pre-selected on this step. If you would like a confirmation message to be sent to subscribers instead, select "Yes" on this step. Once complete, click "Next".

    Note: You will have a chance to review your confirmation message when selecting "Yes" to ensure its wording makes sense before being sent out to your list.

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  10. You will also have the option to apply a general tag to all subscribers in an import on the next step of the process. Enter the desired tag into the "Tags" area. Once you've entered the tag, click "Finish Import".

    Note: You do not need to add the tags to your list in this step if you have already included them on your import file as an additional column.


Import Review

Once you complete these steps, your subscriber info will begin to be processed by our system.

All imports are subject to a combination of automatic review by our system and manual review by our Import Team for quality assurance. If an import is sent to manual review, this review should take no longer than one business day to complete. You can check the status of this review and past imports by visiting the Jersey Men's Football Rush Esch Limited Stitched Vander White Cowboys Leighton 55 page for your list. We will also email you once this review has been completed.

Ready to get started with email marketing? Start your 30-day free trial now.

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