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What’s the point of sending emails if they aren’t reaching your readers?

College Orange Longhorns Stitched Williams 34 Jersey Deliverability is incredibly important for professional bloggers.

We make it a high priority at ConvertKit to understand and support the best deliverability possible. There are a few terms you might see in the Subscribers page that are handy to know more about when managing your email list.

Here are the different Subscribers that you'll see in your account. 


Subscribers who either confirmed their email or were automatically confirmed when they put their information in your Form.


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If you require confirmation (double opt-in) and a Subscriber doesn't respond to your confirmation email, they are Unconfirmed.

Note: We don't offer an option to re-send the confirmation email to your Unconfirmed Subscribers. To learn why, click here.

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Subscribers who have unsubscribed. They don't count against your list total for billing purposes but they do remain inside your account for your own records. These Subscribers can always re-subscribe to get back on your list.

College Orange Longhorns Stitched Williams 34 Jersey Complained

Subscribers marked as complained have indicated that they believe your emails are SPAM. These reports are sent back to us from your Subscriber's ISP when they click the SPAM button or if your emails are sent to the SPAM folder. Reasons for this varies per email provider, so there aren't specific reasons we can provide as to why you've been marked as SPAM by the ISP.

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College Orange Longhorns Stitched Williams 34 Jersey The best thing you can do is check the content of your email. There are all kinds of words and phrases that will trigger spam filters. These services will check the spam score of your email content:

If your email scores poorly, change your content and follow the advice. If it passes just fine, get in touch with our support team and we’ll take a look.


While there are a number of reasons why a Subscriber would show up as Bounced in your account, this ultimately means our mailing servers tried several times to send the email to their inbox, without success.

Learn more about this status and common causes here: 2016 Stitched Jacob Black Hockey America Team 8 Women's World North Jersey Cup Trouba

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College Orange Longhorns Stitched Williams 34 Jersey Cold

Any Subscriber who hasn’t opened or clicked an email in the last 90 days.

For Subscribers who have been active for fewer than 90 days, we define Cold Subscribers as anyone who hasn't opened or clicked an email in 30 days.

College Orange Longhorns Stitched Williams 34 Jersey Note: Because open rates are calculated based on displaying images or clicking a link, someone could have read your email without triggering an open. More on Cold Subscribers can be found Jordan Stitched Michael Bulls Basketball 23 Black Fashion New Jersey.


There are a few reasons for a dropped status:

  1. College Orange Longhorns Stitched Williams 34 Jersey Our system receives a 'bounce' from the email
  2. College Orange Longhorns Stitched Williams 34 Jersey The Subscriber manually marks your email as SPAM
  3. Your emails get blacklisted by an ISP for some reason
  4. College Orange Longhorns Stitched Williams 34 Jersey The email address is just plain invalid (i.e. somebody typed it in wrong on the opt-in Form)

You are able to reach out by personal email to a Subscriber who might be experiencing this type of deliverability trouble.

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